About Us

Football Solutions (FS) has grown from a one-member organization to eight full time members and a network of over 30 on call resources. Within a span of 5 years, FS has become one of India’s top three player representation companies as well as the foremost Management Consultancy for the sport in India.

top three player representation companies

top three player representation companies









top three player representation companies

For Players

Players are integral to the success of any football club and we value our players very highly. FS represents more than 60 players across different tiers of Indian Football. We are proud of our scouting network which unearths the most talented players from all corners of India. We strive to take utmost care of our players and assist them with their career progression, investment decisions, taxation, social media management and brand development.


FS has worked with a diverse set of organisations ranging from Professional Football Clubs/Academies to Business Conglomerates, advising them on their market entry strategy, conceptualising programmes, planning on ground activations and brand development across verticals.

We treat any and all engagements with utmost importance and strive to provide the most cost effective solution ensuring maximum return on investment.

We have advised and consulted professional clubs in the following space:

  •   AFC Licensing criteria fulfilment
  •   Grassroots and Youth Development Structuring & Advisory
  •   I-League first and I-League second division bidding
  •   Fan Engagement
  •   Pre-season games
  •   Brand Development
  •   Sponsorship Acquisition
  • We liaison with State Football Associations to advise them on preparing their football calendar, undertaking development programmes, managing player registration database, personnel acquisition and establishing relevant partnerships that help in the improvement of the game in the state.

    FS specializes in providing end to end solutions for setting up and running of a successful football academy. We also partner with academies to provide them with talented young players that are unable to get the right opportunity to develop into pro football players.

    FS understands the core areas in Indian Football such as club management, media engagement and database management which requires a robust technology framework to run.

    In this regard, we partner with various tech companies that can provide tech solutions to any and all stakeholders as per their needs.

    FS works closely with startups, advising them on their market entry strategy and growth avenues within the Indian Football Sector.

    We comprehend the Indian Football market needs and accordingly facilitate entry and growth of brands across industries by giving them relevant access points that aid in establishing their identity and

    FS works with NGOs and corporates to strategize their football programs not only on technical development but also on the social impact across various thematic areas such as Education, Nutrition, Gender Equality, Employment etc.

    We also advise corporates on where to invest their CSR funds in football to derive the maximum social return on investment.

    For Society

    FS comprises members who believe in the holistic development of the society and doing their bit to contribute towards this goal. As a result, Varun Achreja, the founder of FS, co-founded the 8one Foundation to promote the foundation’s eight identified goals of Education, Peace, Gender Equality, Employment, Environment, Nutrition, Hygiene and Well-Being. The Foundation aims to affect pragmatic sustainable progress, with social development taking priority over other interpretations of the term 'development'.

    8one’s Flagship initiative, the Young Legends's League (YLL), has been started in partnership with the Mizoram Football Association. YLL has been recognized as India's first structured football development initiative that coincides with the Baby League Model advocated by the All India Football Federation. The aim is to engineer societal change through the region’s love for football. The project has also garnered interest from the media, and we have been covered by major websites such as ESPN, GOAL.COM and Scroll.in. The launch was even covered by the mainstream media, in India Today, Outlook, Business Standard and others through the PTI network. Since then, both Times of India and Hindustan Times have also covered it.

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